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    PTP Triflex Combination

    PTP Triflex Combination are made to mimic the bent finger action of therapeutic massages. 

    The triflex are self-massaging tools that can be used anywhere, they are made to help relieve muscle pain, improve range of motion and reduce the chance of recurring pain. 

    The triflex points allow you to easily access trigger points. 

    There is a soft density triflex suitable for recovery or those with a limited pain threshold, as well as a firm density triflex that offers strong tissue massage that goes deep into the muscle.

    Key Features: 

    • Unique patent-pending ergonomic design that recreates the bent fingers of a massage therapist
    • Penetrates deep into the muscles to release knots and break down soft tissue adhesions
    • Relieves muscle pain, improve joint mobility and reduces chance of recurring pain
    • Alleviates pain in neck, feet, hands, calves, hip flexors, adductors, hamstrings, TFL, shoulders and more
    • 2 Triflex tools included with different densities to perform variable trigger point massage/suit every level of pain tolerance
    • Made from premium grade silicone
    • 30+ exercises included (poster)