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Run Melbourne Strength and Yoga Training

Starting 19 June, we'll be launching 5-week yoga and strength training sessions for Run Melbourne participants exclusively. These sessions are specifically targeted for runners and will focus on running-specific exercises.

Space is limited, guarantee your spot today.

Training Schedule and Pricing

  Strength Yoga
When: Wednesday, 7:30–8:15am  Thursday, 7:30–8:15am
  Friday, 6:45–7:30am  
Trainer: Nick Scott Ryan Mannix
Cost: $150 (Strength + Yoga pack) $150 (Strength + Yoga pack)
  $100 (5-week pass) $60 (5-week pass)
  $15 (Casual) $15 (Casual)
 Capacity:  15 people 15 people

Yoga for Runners

Yoga is a great way to reduce injury risk as a runner, loosen up and strengthen key muscle groups. 

Join ex-Australian representative runner and experienced and devoted yoga teacher Ryan Mannix as he teaches you how to use yoga to run more efficiently and speed up recovery. 

Meet Ryan Mannix

Ryan will be heading up the Yoga for Runners sessions.

Ryan has always had a keen interest in movement. Ryan was a professional runner and duathlete for over 10 years, representing Australia on a number of occasions. When he became sidelined with a serious injury after a cycling crash, Ryan began yoga as a means for rehabilitation. What was meant to only be short term became a new found love of movement. After practicing for two years, Ryan did his first 200hour teacher training in Bali. He then went on to continue to train and learn, training with Laughing Lotus, Yoke yoga, yin yoga training with Jen Crescenzo and Hugh Lee, along with countless workshops and short intensive courses in Melbourne and abroad. 


Strength Training for Runners

The 5-week strength training program will follow the schedule* outlined below:

Week 1

  • Muscle Strength Testing Specifically for Running
  • Muscle Activation Exercises for Running

Week 2

  • Joint Mobility for Runners
  • Connective Tissue Lengthening Exercises for Runners

Week 3

  • Muscle Strength Exercises Progression with Equipment
  • Timing and Coordination

Week 4

  • Joint Mobility Exercises for Runners Progression
  • Connective Tissue Lengthening Exercises Progression

Week 5

  •  TBC

*Subject to change.


 Meet Nick Scott

Nick will be taking you through the Strength Training program. 

Nick is a keen triathlete with 20 years racing experience. He has also been a personal trainer for the past 20 years with a very strong passion for athletic movement and performance.

Specialising in performance training and exercise correction for runners and triathletes, Nick has worked closely with athletes of all ages and abilities ranging from injury prevention and rehabilitation to sports specific training.