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 Sole Motive Podiatry, powered by Pride Plus, will help you get you running stronger than ever, through improved foot, ankle and lower limb function. 


We believe that human foot is an amazing bit of biomechanical architecture, worthy of loads of TLC and ultimately capable of amazing things. However, sometimes injury arises which can be from training errors, traumatic injury or ill-fitting shoes. We restore function to the feet, to get them strong, to keep them mobile and capable of anything you want them to do.


Our stress-free consultation room is equipped with the latest technology for assessment, diagnosis and education.


Our Injury Assessment is a 60-minute initial consultation. Our podiatrists take a detailed assessment of your running history including current training volumes, previous injuries, footwear and orthotic use.

We’re interested in understanding the why’s so our podiatrists carry out various other tests. These include a biomechanical test and video running gait analysis to assist in addressing those factors in your treatment plan.

You’ll receive honest advice with a tailored training and rehab program specific to your needs.


The Skin & Nail Podiatry assessment is for the unsexy stuff; the corns, callouses and nail care (think black toenails, ingrown nails & corns that we as runners get but hate to show off!). This assessment takes on average 30 minutes.

We want to make your assessment as easy as possible which is why we provide on the spot Private Health rebates. 

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